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Like the Renli 500cc the XY 500cc is also available in a 4x2 and a 4x4 version. Both 4x2 and 4x4 have a CVT (automatic transmission), besides, the 4x4 features a high and low gear, what makes the XY 500cc suitable for a variety of terrains. The digital dashboard is clear and displays all needed information.
Due to the space of the XY 500cc of CF Moto T500 4x4, this buggy is suitable for the bigger buggy fans. The engine is the trusted CF Moto 188 engine, frequently used in UTV, ATV and Quads. The tough look of this buggy and its finish is a good example for the buggy market.

A different name for the XY 500cc is Boss 4x4 or CF Moto T500 4x4, which are comparable with the Renli, BXR_5, Dasy, Grizzly, Koyote, Destroyer, NBluck, Rovach, CF Moto T500, Tension and DongFang.
For your information: XY stands for XingYang.

This website contains a range of spare parts which is currently in stock.

Some of these spare parts are:

♦ Flange coupling
♦ Rear axle suspension right & left
♦ Fuel tank
♦ Rear suspension
♦ Stop car brake caliper
♦ Bracket fender
♦ Starting relay
♦ Indicator relay
♦ Front axle suspension right & left
♦ Front suspension
♦ Universal joint axle
♦ Etc.

This is just a small list of all the spare parts on this website. For a list of all items you can click on the link below.

If there is an item not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us via You can also click on the link at the left of this page under 'Special' 'Contact us'. Fill in your details and try to formulate your question explicit and we will respond to your question or comment as soon as possible.

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