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Finally SimParts can introduce a high technology up-to-date Lithium Ion battery for your todays buggy, ATV, UTV, motorcycle or other Power Sports application.
We have seen a huge improvement in the technology of buggy in the past 10 years. But until now the battery technology stayed nearly the same. Strange, because without battery we will stand still.....
Lithium polymer batteries comply with the rapid development of modern portable device industry. It was developed as a new type of high-energy secondary (rechargeable) battery at the end of the twentieth century. It has characteristic of light weight, high power and long service life. So this is a high level portable power supply product.
Now this new lithium-ion technology is transferred for the use in Power Sport start batteries. The result is a SHIDO LION battery that is perfectly adapted to bring the maximum power and comfort for use in your buggy.
SHIDO LION batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeP04) as positive material and Graphite(C) as negative material. This brings the use of top-technology with all his advantages, the nearest as possible to the characteristic use of Power Sport start batteries.
SHIDO LION Ion battery is formed by 4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells connected in series, the battery voltage is 12.8 Volt. This leads to the highest advantages for the use of Power Sport applications as Start-Battery.

♦ Superb cranking capacity
♦ 1/3 to 1/5 lighter than Lead-Acid batteries
♦ No sulphating: longer service life
♦ Lower self-discharge: longer shelf life
♦ Excellent cycle life: more than 2.000 cycles
♦ 1 - 1 Drop-in replacement
♦ Less fuel consumption
♦ Super-fast recharge
♦ No explosion risk
♦ No maintenance
♦ Stable Discharge voltage
♦ No pollution, no lead & no acid
♦ Capacity Indicator

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