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bumper, XY500cc

bumper, XY500cc

Greatly reduced!


brake system, complete, XY500cc

brake system, complete, XY500cc

Greatly reduced!



For your information:

All spare parts mentioned on the website we have in stock, if a part is not on the website, unfortunately we can no longer supply it.

Many suppliers in China have stopped producing buggies and selling spare parts. Because we no longer buy from China, the stock will come to an end and so will the web store. An exact date is not yet known. As long as we have stock we will continue!

We hope to have informed you sufficiently.

We, SimParts, like to welcome you to this website, a website especially for buggy parts! A web shop with a wide range of buggy parts, both for individuals and businesses, particular for the following models buggies:

>> BXR_5 500cc

>> CF Moto CF188_500cc engine parts

>> Chery 800cc

>> Chery 1100cc

>> Dazon 1100cc

>> DongFang 500cc

>> GS_Moon 260cc-1

>> GS_Moon 260cc-2

>> GS_Moon 260cc Quad

>> GS_Moon 400cc

>> GS_Moon 800cc

>> Kinroad 250cc

>> Kinroad 650cc

>> Kinroad 1100cc

>> NBluck 110cc

>> Renli 250cc

>> Renli 500cc

>> Road Rat 90cc

>> Tractor 110cc

>> XY_group 500cc

>> Battery

>> Lubricants

>> Rims

>> Tires

>> Special offers_miscellaneous

We, as SimParts, have tried to select buggy parts that are important to keep the buggy's roling. If you need a specific buggy part that is not showed on this website please let us know. Also it is possible that you have a different type off buggy as stated above, if we can we try to help you to get the right part. An example would be parts for Kinroad 250cc, buggies with CF Moto 188 engine like Renli, NBluck, Grizzly, Koyote, Destroyer, Dasy, CF Moto T500, Tension, DongFang and BXR_5. Other non specific items can also be used for example Xinling, Regard, ShengQi, AXR, Carter, PGO, Oxobike, Rovach, Saiting, Secma and Shark. This website is not just for parts of buggies but also for other vehicles such as UTV, ATV and Quad.

If you have any suggestions or comments, we want to hear from you. Any suggestion is welcome!

We hope you enjoy the site and we meet your needs.